Zucchetti Focuses On People Engagement And Motivation With Beaconforce

The Zucchetti suite for Human Resources management has been enriched by a solution capable of analyzing and measuring the ‘sentiment’ of employees and which stands out for being innovative, mobile-first and international.

April 16, 2021

Engagement, motivation and, more generally, the mental and physical well-being of employees at the workplace are receiving increasing attention from companies, individuals and legislators across developed economies.

Beaconforce is a start-up company founded in San Francisco, in the United States, with an Italian soul and a global vision enriched by collaborators from seven different countries, which has developed the platform of the same name. The solution is based on science which combines emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence to work out the “state of health” of employees and organizations. It tells them what needs attention and suggests corrective actions for creating stimulating and motivating work environments and therefore improve, performance and productivity levels.

Precisely because of the innovative nature of the application and the international profile of the people at Beaconforce, Zucchetti has decided to join the company in order to speed up its development and maximize synergies with the group’s HR know-how as regards its supply in the HR sector.

Luca Rosetti – CEO of Beaconforce: “The fact that Zucchetti has joined Beaconforce demonstrates that the work we’ve done so far is worthwhile, the quality of our solution, already chosen by customers of all sizes in various countries around the world, as well as the centrality of the motivation and involvement of people for the sustainability of the performance of organizations over time.

We are convinced that Zucchetti will give Beaconforce new incentives to improve and contribute in an important way to our growth in the market, both at the domestic and international level. The resources brought by Zucchetti will also be fundamental to further develop the predictive capabilities of our platform that have allowed our customers to reduce unwanted turnover, manage critical issues in a timely manner, have a clear picture of people motivation even in remote work contexts, identify the most effective investments to improve people motivation and, consequently, their productivity.

Domenico Uggeri, Vice President of Zucchetti: “Beaconforce is a web and mobile-first application that easily integrates with other Zucchetti human resources management solutions, for which Zucchetti has been a leader in Italy for years. Zucchetti’s strategy is to provide customers with everything they need in terms of technology for the administration, management and organization of human resources. On the one hand, we directly develop new solutions, on the other hand we acquire the best applications in the market that cover more ‘vertical’ areas. In terms of the solution and the experience of its personnel, we have found Beaconforce to be an ideal partner to quickly and effectively enrich our product range.

Gitti and Partners for Sequitur Capital in the investment in M.H. Crassus Inc.

Press Review from Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper: Gitti and Partners for Sequitur Capital in the investment in M.H. Crassus Inc.


Sequitur Capital invests in Beaconforce

Milan, June 6 2019 – Sequitur Capital, an independent firm that invests in scale-up candidates in the deep tech and software B2B space in Europe and the United States, announces the closing of its investment in M.H. Crassus Inc., a San Francisco-based company.

Founded in 2017, Crassus has developed Beaconforce, a real-time, science-based, measurable and actionable digital platform, combining Machine Learning and Emotional Intelligence to create work environments that motivate people and ultimately improve performance. According to a Gallup survey, in 2018 the value of productivity lost every year due to low employee engagement amounted to $1 trillion in the US and $7 trillion worldwide.

“We are delighted to announce our investment in Crassus and very excited about the potential of Beaconforce. We have been working closely with Crassus for the last twelve months to develop a comprehensive understanding of their business model while creating a strong relationship with their management”, said Marco Di Miceli, Managing Partner of Sequitur Capital.

Massimo Fasoli, Partner of Sequitur Capital, added: “Beaconforce has an outstanding track record: in the last two years, several corporations across the world adopted it, with a 90% client retention rate since its inception”.

“We will contribute to Beaconforce acceleration with our extensive network of corporates and industry experts in the US and in Europe and look forward to playing a primary role in the coming Series A Round”, said Anastasio Scalisi, Partner of Sequitur Capital in Los Angeles.

Luca Rosetti, CEO of Crassus, said: “We are very pleased to have Sequitur Capital with us. Access to capital is a key factor for the success of a fast growing business. Even more than that, it is important to be supported by the right team, such as that of Sequitur Capital, which, with its international footprint and background, brings on the table a lot of value added from day one. The proceeds will be used to increase our penetration in strategic markets, such as the US and the UK, while continuing the development of Beaconforce with new, exciting, features”.

The law firm Gitti and Partners of Milan, with a team composed by Stefano Roncoroni, Jessica Fiorani and Valeria Pistoni, advised Sequitur Capital on the legal aspects concerning the investment.

About Crassus – Crassus is a San Francisco-based corporation that aims to disrupt the way people work. Born in 2017, the company has developed cutting-edge technology to correlate psychological, environmental, and biometric data into a unique platform built with Deep Learning capabilities. Crassus, dba Beaconforce, launched its latest software on September 2018 and in a few month was able to secure relationships with five Fortune 500 companies. For more information on Beaconforce visit www.beaconforce.com

About Sequitur Capital – Sequitur Capital is an independent firm with presence in Milan, Italy, and Los Angeles, California, specialized on fast-growing, deep tech companies focused on software technology and with a B2B model. Sequitur Capital invests alongside family offices, entrepreneurs and other financial institutions under the structure of club deal transactions. For more information on Sequitur Capital visit www.sequitur-capital.com

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