What we do

We invest in scaleup candidates in the deep tech & software B2B space in Europe and the United States

We specialize on fast-growing, deep tech companies focused on software technology and with a B2B model. Deep tech comprises pervasive technologies that are going to transform a significant number of industries. This space includes Internet of things and Industry 4.0 solutions, Data Analytics, Enterprise software, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Smart Mobility and Security.

Our Approach

We support scaleups providing capital, international relations, along with industry, operating and investment expertise.

We find businesses with existing revenues, innovative, disruptive solutions, market traction and potential to expand internationally and facilitate their exponential growth and market development through strategic collaborations with established corporates.

Why Sequitur Capital

We have a distinctive blend of experiences and competences together with a stable presence in the United States

We have a distinctive blend of experiences and competences that, together with our stable presence in the United States, put us in an ideal position to identify the successful business models and understand market dynamics, anticipating growth trends in selected sectors and applications. Our team includes experienced professionals with complementary skills in the area of venture investment, general management, business development and technology. With offices in Europe and in the US, and a comprehensive network of managers, specialists and advisers, we provide both the expertise and the business relations to support the commercial and geographical expansion of our companies.

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